Cumulus Buys Dial Global

Paul Hopfgarten
Sat Aug 31 12:56:58 EDT 2013

Don't they own the an NFL package as well? (Wonder if 'OKQ would cover 
non-Pats games....)

-Paul H

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From: Mark Watson
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All Access and Radio-Info reporting that Cumulus has purchased Dial Global 
for $260 million, and will be merged into the Cumulus Media Networks 
operating under the name Westwood One. As part of this deal Cumulus is 
spinning off 53 stations nationwide to Townsquare Media, including stations 
in the Portsmouth/Dover/Rochester and Portland markets. As a result of this 
Townsquare is now the third largest radio station owner in the US.

Dial Global offers several satellite fed music formats, including the 
"Timeless Favorites" standards/soft AC format airing on WFEA Manchester. I 
believe Dial Global also operates the voice tracking service that is being 
used outside of AM drive and middays on WBOQ.

The deal also give Cumulus radio distribution rights to radio broadcasts of 
NFL games, NCAA basketball, Olympics, AP Radio News, NBC Radio News and 
various syndicated programs, some of which (such as the NFL and NCAA) are 
heard on either WEEI or WBZ-FM.

Once the station sale is approved, it should be interesting to see how this 
will affect the Portsmouth and Portland stations, programming and staffing 
wise. WOKQ in Dover is also simulcast on WPKQ 103.7 licensed to North 
Conway, transmitting from atop Mt. Washington. Curious to know if WPKQ will 
be part of the sale to Townsquare.

Mark Watson

Mark Watson 

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