Cumulus Buys Dial Global

Mark Watson
Sat Aug 31 14:24:45 EDT 2013

Paul Hopfgarten wrote:

> Don't they own the an NFL package as well? (Wonder if >'OKQ would cover 
> non-Pats games....)

IINM Dial Global has the NFL radio package along with radio coverage of the 
Super Bowl thanks to their acquisition of Westwood One. I believe that WEEI 
has/had those games, not sure if they still do or if the Sports Hub has them 
now. If 'EEI still has the NFL radio package in Boston, it's probably mostly 
aired on 850, but I would guess they'd air the Super Bowl on 93.7.

WPKQ is/was a Patriots Radio Network affiliate, someone else in the 
Portsmouth market must the Pats as WOKQ/WPKQ simulcast would split for 'PKQ 
to air the Pats. (I don't know who has the Pats in Portsmouth).I don't 
believe 'OKQ has ever had the Pats games. Don't think they'd carry any 
non-Pats games either.

Mark Watson

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