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John H put his original WGTR 1060 (the 1-kW daytime version licensed to 
Natick, studios at 24 W Central St) on the air in November 1972. I don't 
remember when he phased out the (largely automated) music format (which I 
think would today be called hot AC) in favor of all-news (first try) and a 
bunch of other things, as a series of LMA partners took over the station 
(and failed to make a go of it). WGTR sounded pretty successful in its hot 
AC (if I've got that right) days. Obviously, WKFY is playing cuts different 
from those I heard on WGTR 40 or so years ago; almost none of the stuff that 
was heard back then gets played today. BUT my impression from a short listen 
to the WKFY stream is that WKFY is a decent re-creation of 1972's (and--I 
think--most of the rest of the '70s) WGTR. I'm too old for my opinion to 
count, but what I'm hearing sounds pretty good to me. Now, where are the 
commercials for Sid's Discount Warehouse ("Sid's saves YOU money) and 
Mabardy's Shell station (Mabardy's Shell is EVERYbody's Shell)? Yeah, I 
know, WKFY can't be heard OTA in MetroWest--assuming that those businesses 
have survived--but MetroWest old-timers with good memories are likely to get 
a kick out of listening to the WKFY stream.

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> Here is the WKFY stream for those that want to sample and can't recieve 
> :
> http://streamdb3web.securenetsystems.net/v5/WKFY
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