Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Wed Aug 21 21:04:43 EDT 2013

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Look at WABC's chart from 40 years ago. I know
>many of those songs but I have NO recollection of #1

"Brother Louie" by Stories was played to death on WRKO and WLLH, along with 
being played over and over in the jukebox at an arcade I went to when the 
family stayed at Newfound Lake in Bristol NH. In fact, we heard it yesterday 
on a classic hits station out of Elizabeth City NC on our drive back from 
Kill Devil Hills NC to our vacation outpost in Virginia Beach.

 As far as the rest of what's on that WABC survey, I would say 5 are played 
constantly on WROR and one gets played on WZLX. (Deep Purple). The rest can 
be heard on Barry Scott's "Lost 45's".

Mark Watson

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