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BINGO - I'm 63 now.

I discovered WMEX in 1962 ( much to the horror of my parents )

My brother was 18 years older ( born 1932 ) and one afternoon we were
driving back from NY after putting our parents on a ship to Europe and to
humor me he put on WABC and by the time we hit New Haven he said they are
repeating their songs.

WHDH was the station my parents listened to the most ( my Dad would then
listen to WEZE in the mid 60's )

But those MOR songs of the early to mid 60's are part of my life because of
my parents.

In my teens I embraced WMEX ( missed WCOP by a year ), WBZ, fell in love
with WRKO-FM in 1966 and then the Big 68. ( and as a sports fan WHDH)

In my early 20's I still embraced WRKO and WMEX - ( I finally got a FM
converter for the car and would listen to WVBF )  - WBCN was a station I
listened to at home late at night.

By the mid 70's WHDH became my station of choice in the car and I came to
appreciate Jess Cain.

Look at WABC's chart from 40 years ago. I know many of those songs but I
have NO recollection of #1

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> wollman@bimajority.org writes:
> Someone  who is 65 today was born in 1948.  That means they were a
> teenager for  the first British Invasion, and probably started a family
> in the  1970s.  (Maybe as early as '66, not likely much later than
> '83.)   They never listened to Big Bands or '40s crooners, except when
> forced to by  their parents.
> -----------------------------
> Very true, especially that last sentence.  And many had 40's BigBand  &
> 50's standards forced upon them.  BUTTTTTTT.....   it's  something I keep
> hearing over and over and over from WJIB listeners....   They want to hear
> it
> because it reminds them of their fond memories of their  parents.  Or in
> the
> case of the 30-somethings that listen... fond memories  of the
> grandparents.
> -  Photographs and MUSIC are probably the  two major "emotion grabbers" in
> existence.
> ----On a related note, $20k was just spent by WJTO for a new  transmitter,
> and repair of portions of the ground system. So WJTO's music  should be
> blasting onto much of Cape Cod.
> ---jibguy

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