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Tue Aug 20 20:17:57 EDT 2013

<<On Tue, 20 Aug 2013 13:11:25 -0400 (EDT), Mark Connelly <markwa1ion@aol.com> said:

> On one hand, it is not "WJIB South" since I have noted no Big Band /
> '40s crooners and only token '50s / early '60s top 40
> representation.  So on that end, it doesn't fulfill that part of my
> radio diet.

> It is highly dominated by light-rock / pop from the '70s up to maybe
> 5 years ago.  During that period, my tastes were predominantly
> harder rock with a good amount of Celtic and British folk-rock
> stirred in.

With respect, I don't think that your taste is particularly
representative.  (Neither is mine, but in different ways.)

Someone who is 65 today was born in 1948.  That means they were a
teenager for the first British Invasion, and probably started a family
in the 1970s.  (Maybe as early as '66, not likely much later than
'83.)  They never listened to Big Bands or '40s crooners, except when
forced to by their parents.

I had a look in Whitburn for the week I was born (in 1972).  My
parents would have heard on the radio then: The Stylistics, Johnny
Nash, America ("Ventura Highway" was a big hit that month), Gilbert
O'Sullivan, The Temptations ("Papa Was a Rollin' Stone"), Albert
Hammond, Al Green, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, Helen Reddy ("I Am
Woman"), and Billy Paul.  Also in that month, you had Carly Simon,
Curtis Mayfield, Donna Fargo, Loggins & Messina, The Spinners, Seals &
Crofts, and Lobo.  If you take two decades of that, filter out all the
stuff by people who are little remembered now or that doesn't test


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