seeking an unbiased opinion about country music radio

Robert Sutherland
Thu Aug 8 00:04:36 EDT 2013

  Being a confirmed hard rocker, it is difficult for me to me unbiased,
  BUT, there are country singers I can enjoy, Shania Twain, LeeAnn Rimes,
Tim McGraw, and the girl who stole everyone's heart, Taylor Swift, with
"You belong with me".  I consider these	the new breed on country singers,
call it country-rock if you wish.
  Many of the newest singers are young and female and I agree the young
female listeners are getting more attracted to singers they can look up
to.  I don't have any insight re young male listeners, other then they
are very likely attracted to girl singers, also.
  Also there are certain singers who simply touch my heart: Allison Krauss,
blue grass, and on a slow song her gentle voice pulls me in.
  In the Albany (NY, not GA) area, WGNA has been the most listened to
music outlet, I believe topped the ratings, for many years. Not as urban-
suburban an area as Boston, but perhaps an indicator to such.
  The point of Computer-run stations loosing appeal (tho saving costs)
is all too valid in many areas.  Since Country tends to still be live DJ's,
it presents a more "interesting" format, thus attracting more listeners,
even in the city environment.  I can't imagine the hip-hop or rap listeners
moving to country, but the former MOR, soft rock, and daily background music
listeners, yes, will or have accept(ed) Country more.
   I find it too odd that Boston is tending towards Country, but to admit
the possible reasons for it do exist.

   Note: my bias is especially anti the old twanger voices, ie Jim Nabors,
old Hank Williams(not Jr), etc. I will listen to many music styles, but
handle them (I must ask forgiveness of mnay folk's parents I knew).

To quote Chuck Berry, "hail hail. Rock & Roll"
dig it, y'all?


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