seeking an unbiased opinion about country music radio

Mark Watson
Wed Aug 7 18:33:39 EDT 2013

Kevin Vahey wrote:
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> My gut feeling is WKLB has picked up a lot of former >WODS listeners
> who miss the personalities of the DJ's.

My wife and I both listened frequently to WODS prior to the format change. 
She also listened frequently to WXLO. Since the 'ODS flip she started 
listening to WKLB along with 'XLO. Now she's pretty much listening to WKLB 
almost exclusively. I have to say WLKB's personality driven presentation in 
addition to thei PPM is helping their ratings surge. I listen occasionally 
to 'KLB (not a huge country fan, but I do enjoy Sunday Morning Country 
Oldies), but also listen to WBZ for news and musically I'll bounce around 
among WCAP (nights/weekends), WBOQ (North Shore 104.9) and WROR on the drive 
in weekday mornings for my Loren & Wally fix. I find myself listening to 
distant radio (WLNG, WIRY among others) on my iPhone, via the TunedIn app.

Speaking of WIRY, their currents are country (have been for a couple of 
years or so now), they still  play a deep oldies (50's-80's) mix among the 
current country, police log news and lost and found pets, etc.

Mark Watson

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