Digital TV reception

Tue Aug 6 10:24:33 EDT 2013

I've been watching OTA DTV for several years now and I believe that if some 
clever software fix could be applied to OTA DTV receivers to reduce
the number and duration of audio dropouts, the effective range of the
digital broadcasts would increase dramatically. For following program
content, audio is usually much more important than video. Unfortunately,
from my experience, audio dropouts are both more frequent and longer in
duration than video dropouts. If the severity of audio dropouts could be 
decreased, I think a lot of viewers would be willing to accept more severe 
video dropouts.

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>> near the transmitter. The BIG problem is that the stations' power limits
>> were cut down so far that many suburban, rural, and even urban areas
>> cannot
>> get a reliable signal.
> To some small extent that's true, but you have to compare apples to
> apples.

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