Rhode Island names and other odd naming conventions

Paul Hopfgarten hopfgarten@mail.com
Sat Apr 6 12:00:23 EDT 2013

We're the one for you New England, New England Telephone.........

How many cookies did ANdrew eat....ANdrew 8-8000!

-Paul H

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> Back to 128, anyone old enough to remember when 128 continued on the South 
> Shore to Nantasket (hence the current 228 when they stopped 128 at 
> Braintree in the early 1960s) I BARELY remember it and only because I did 
> have an Aunt and Uncle in Hingham at the time.

I'm surprised the traffic reporters don't still call that section "128" 
then.  It makes as much sense as calling I-93 south of Boston "The 
Expressway" since there are no signs indicating it as such, or the part of 
I-93 from Canton to Braintree "128".

Well, gotta go.  I have to pay my phone bill to New England Telephone.


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