All sports radio

Chris Hall
Tue Apr 16 23:57:08 EDT 2013

As I speculated last year Sports Radio would have a saturation point  and it while it will remain a very viable format for maybe one major outlet that has  the Patriots and Red Sox, sports numbers in markets across the board are starting to tank.  Just when CBS and NBC have introduced new radio sports networks they may be behind the curve on this one as the pie is being sliced too thin for too many players. Is the current state of mainstream talk sports radios future......everything it seems has a shelf life. The format may just get too expensive for multiple player even in major markets.
Even TV sports are getting so expensive it is starting to become a drag on cable and satellite systems where they are now saying non sports viewers
will not pay more money to subsidize sports fans and operators such as Time Warner and Cablevision want it broken up.

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