Route numbering (was: Re: Rhode Island names and other odd naming conventions)

Garrett Wollman
Sun Apr 7 22:32:35 EDT 2013

<<On Sun, 07 Apr 2013 19:24:24 -0400, Larry Weil <> said:

> I was going to say that MA 3 ends at the NH state line, but then
> before I made a fool of myself (again?) I picked up a map and
> noticed that the part of route 3 north of Boston is US 3.  But I
> wonder if anyone other than the map-makers and the nit-pickers here
> really cares.

US 3 crosses the B.U. Bridge and ends (totally unsigned, of course)
where it meets US 20 (Comm. Ave.).  MA 3 stays north of the river and
crosses either the Longfellow or Old Charles River Dam -- maybe both;
I'd have to find a copy of the state route log to be sure.

> I think that the reason for wanting to make the road south of
> Braintree designated as an interstate is that MA would then get
> federal money to maintain the road.

That hasn't been the case in about 20 years, when the National Highway
System program supplanted the previous highway funding programs.  All
roads designated as part of the NHS are entitled to federal funding,
regardless of the shape of the shield.

I'll allow one more round of this discussion but after that it really
ought to move to ne.transportation instead.


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