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At one time there were also plans to extend MA 213 from 93 into Lowell.  You can see where the land was cleared just west of 93 in Methuen.

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On Apr 5, 2013, at 1:55 PM, Bob DeMattia <bob.bosra@demattia.net> wrote:

> The cancellation was part of a larger cancellation of the entire I-695 beltway.
> The north end of I-695 would have connected onto I-93 (remember those
> ramp "stubs" on the overpass ?).  The south end of I-695 would connect
> into the unusually large (at the time) intersection of Mass Ave/I-93 by the
> old steam plant.
> Before it was cancelled, some homes were torn down.  Melnea Cass boulevard
> is built where part of I-695 was to be built.
> As for I-95, I've found some maps that show it joining I-695 and looping around
> counterclockwise to continue up the north shore.   I-95 would then continue 
> northeast through the Saugus salt marsh, past Lynn and Salem, and eventually 
> join up with the part that was built north of 128.
> Not too long ago, you could see where they graded the land.  It ran parallel and 
> Northwest of route 107.   Sometime in the last ten years, they  finally removed 
> the grading.
> Here's a map from 1965:
> http://www.brorson.com/maps/BostonHighwayPlan_1965/BostonHighwayPlan_1965.jpg
> We had our wedding reception about the same time they started removing most of the
> 128 signage  (1992).  I remember having to send out extra instructions to people from 
> out of town because our original directions carelessly said "Rt. 128".
> Had all this been built, traffic reporters would have had more roads to cover, but arguably
> a little less congestion on I-93.  I knew I could get a radio angle in here somehow.
> Bob

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