[B-R-I] Re: WCVB-TV 5.2 Testing

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 11:09:02 EDT 2012

The Glavinator wrote,

G> As of Sunday, September 9th, WCVB-TV virtual channel 5.1
G> was testing virtual channel 5.2, Me TV.

Actually they started sometime on that Friday (Sept. 7),
between about 4:30-7:30pm.  P=)

Richard Chonak wrote,

C> At 1:37 am Friday, 5.2 is now showing infomercials in
C> parallel with 5.1.
C> At the moment both are in 4x3 format.

The actual 5.1 link-up was sometime before 4:45pm yesterday
(Thu) afternoon.  They *were* //5.1 for at least a couple
of hr.s *last* Thursday afternoon, but were back to the
¾cb slide by 8pm.
One interesting quirk:  While their regular PSIP ID is
“MeTV”, during last Thursday’s 5.1//, they ID-ed as
“WCVB 5”, and now——again //5.1——they are ID-ing as
“WCVB-DT” (but broadcasting in cropped 4:3 SD), while 5.1
IDs as just “WCVB” but is 16:9 HD!

They reportedly plan to start MeTV on Monday, October 1st.


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