WENH - WGBH and Lawrence Welk

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 03:28:37 EDT 2012

WGBH has a little firestorm developing as they get ready to take over WENH
(11) in Durham, NH.

Since cable TV hit the Boston market WENH (11) has always been carried and
many in the Boston area have given $$$$ support as they do not beg as
shamefully as WGBH does. Many in the area sent checks to WENH instead of

For the past 20 years one of the most watched WENH programs in Boston has
been Lawrence Welk reruns on Saturday nights. Now apparently WENH will
vanish from Comcast in all of Mass ( which will not play well in the
Merrimack Valley ) but now it causes a problem for WGBH - do they clear
Welk now on either 2 or 44?

WGBH never had to deal with Welk knowing that WENH via cable made it
available. The paradox is that Welk generated significant donations to

The reality is there are many older retired folks with checkbooks that will
be upset if Welk vanishes.

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