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A Joseph Ross
Wed Sep 19 00:06:21 EDT 2012

On 9/18/2012 2:53 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> We all remember deSuze but did he do anything that was memorable?

Well, those shows were memorable for me!

Sometime around 1980 I had an intern in my office who had written a 
forthcoming book on early television.  I was telling him about the 
"Uncle Carl" shows, and he wondered if that were Carl deSuze.  So one 
day, timing the call for just when he finished his show, I called WBZ 
and asked for him. I immediately recognized his voice when he came on 
the phone and said, "Now there's a familiar voice," and he said "Thank 
you.  I asked him my question, and he said that he indeed was "Uncle 
Carl" on those shows.  And he went on for awhile reminiscing, telling me 
a lot that I didn't know about related work that he had done on radio 
before the "Uncle Carl" TV shows.  When we were done, and I thanked him, 
he said that he had enjoyed it.  I always thought he was a class act.

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