In Quebec - here we go again

A Joseph Ross
Fri Sep 7 01:43:27 EDT 2012

On 9/7/2012 12:21 AM, Martin Waters wrote:

>       I looked at the Toronto Globe & Mail and went lo the CBC radio podcast page. The national government is Conservative, a party with little support in Quebec. So, unlike the Liberals, they are less likely to do much business with the PQ party provincial government. Also, in the game of pre-election
>   expectations, the PQ victory was smaller than many expected. It did not win an outright majority of the legislative seats and polled only slightly more popular votes than the Liberals.
>       One of the PQ party's much bigger demands is at least some level of control over foreign policy and immigration. Broadcasting and communication regulation have an international aspect, too, with treaties and such -- which, ISTM, will make the federal government balk.
>         I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean there's no chance of giving in on something as specific as the requirements of French vs. English language broadcasting. That would be a can of worms, though, IMO, because then there likely would be agitation elsewhere, mainly in the West, to eliminate French language broadcasting. My $0.02.
>          "Can't we all just get along?  . . . "

I'm not sure that even Liberal governments always cave to the PQ. As I 
recall, last time the PQ were in power and talking about 
"Sovereignty-Association," the Liberal government of Prime Minister Jean 
Cretien rejected sovereignty-association and supported the Indians in 
Quebec who said that if Quebec seceded from Canada, they would secede 
from Quebec.

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