WINS anchors mispronouncing words

Sun Sep 2 11:38:11 EDT 2012

Well, maybe it's good to demand better pronunciation from TV and radio
announcers than we demand from presidents. After all, announcers don't need
to deal with all of the problems that confront the country and the world, so
presidents have an excuse for poor pronunciation that announcers do not
have. Still, we should not forget that persistently mispronouncing nuclear
in the same stupid way has afflicted two US presidents--one from each
political party. And one of those presidents was a very bright man--a
nukular engineer, even. The other was a graduate of Yale, though it's not
clear that he would have graduated had his father (who went on to become
president himself and AFAIK COULD correctly pronounce nuclear) not, at the
time, been a very highly placed government official.

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Listening to WINS today and heard several mispronounced words including my
favorite cringe of all time NUKE-KU-LER, the anchor babe mispronounced
it three times in one story. The broadcast industry once had high standards,
now even companies like CBS and their programmers pay zero
attention to this type of error, they go on and on. The great legends of CBS
News must be turning in their graves.
You hear this stuff from PBS all the way down to local operations. When
someone comes into a market and they no longer instructed
about local pronunciations. This was a must years ago, now it is just
another very common embarrassment for all concerned.

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