Your radio presets?

Eli Polonsky
Sat Oct 13 00:45:07 EDT 2012

My car stereo has three banks of FM presets, plus 
I use a portable HD radio via an FM transponder.

AM: 680, 740, 980, 1030, 1090, 1470, 1510

AM notes: I very rarely listen to 680. I like the 
"Beatles and Before" oldies format on late nights
and weekends on 980. Compressed '60s oldies with 
somewhat staticey and muddy AM reception on 980 
around Boston is the last remainder of the sound 
of AM radio from my youth in the area. 
The CRI "shuffle" music format sometimes on 1090 
plays interestingly odd sets of music occasionally. 
1470 is for the occasional song I may want to hear 
on the "Music of Your Life" format at night, though 
740 is much better for standards and soft oldies. 
1510 is left over from the progressive talk format, 
though I didn't listen to that often either.

FM1: 88.1, 88.9, 90.3, 90.9, 91.5, 91.9

FM1 notes: If in range, I occasionally listen to 
91.7 WMWM one manual tune bump from 91.5 or 91.9.

FM2: 92.5, 92.9, 95.3, 95.9, 97.7, 100.1

FM2 notes: Can't hear 100.1 WBRS east of Newton
or Watertown anymore due to a Carribean pirate in
the Boston inner city.

FM3: 100.7, 101.7, 104.9, 105.7, 106.7, 107.3

HD subchannels: 94.5 HD2, 98.5 HD2, 100.7 HD2, 
100.7 HD3, 103.3 HD2, 105.7 HD2


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