Your radio presets?

Fri Oct 12 09:58:39 EDT 2012

10 + 20 + 30 = 60--NOT the 50 you mentioned. 60 is 20% more confusing than 
50 (assuming that the confusion is directly proportional to the number of 
presets). The confusion might actually be more than directly proportional to 
the number of presets. In the electronics biz, the user-interface problem is 
referred to as creeping elegance. If some are good, more must be better. Too 
many are better than too few. And so on. Definitely NOT true, but find a 
software engineer who designs user interfaces and doesn't believe these 
stupid axioms.

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>I recently bought a new car that has a Sony radio with factory-installed
> Sirius/XM. There are 10 presets for AM, 20 for FM, and a whopping 30 for
> Sirius/XM. It's total overkill. Out of 50 presets, I seldom remember where 
> I
> have programmed a station to appear, and I end up turning the tuning knob
> instead of using the presets. :)
>>I know we go through this topic every number of years or so, but wondering
> with all the relatively recent dial-shuffling what folks have punched in
> nowadays?

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