Question re WXKS/WRCA/WBOS towers

Mon Oct 1 15:38:23 EDT 2012

And AFAIK, none of the Sauk Rapids stations has ever gone on the air. There 
are other AM quadruplexes, though--in Hawaii. They are all ND, however.

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> On 10/1/2012 12:14 PM, Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:
>> KWXY 1340 Cathedral City, CA is also sharing a tower with KPTR 1450 Palm
>> Springs, CA. I think there is another station on that tower, but I can't
>> seem to find which one.
> Nope, just those two, at least as far as main transmitter sites are 
> concerned. (I think there's an FM aux there for the former KWXY-FM 98.5.)
> But how about the now-defunct triplex in Framingham? At one time, those 
> towers held 650 ("Ashland"), 1060 ("Natick") and 1200 ("Framingham"), 
> though now they're down to just the 650 signal.
> There aren't many other triplexes out there, at least not yet. Garrett has 
> seen something I haven't: the one and only quad-plex, which is home to 
> four signals all licensed to Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, on 540/660/800/1010. 
> I don't think all four were up and running when he was there a few years 
> ago, though.
> s

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