Boston downtown radio towers (1956)

Jim Hall
Mon Oct 1 10:54:19 EDT 2012

I live near the HAGET NDB in Andover on 402 kHz. When driving by, listening
to WXKS, you hear the code from the NDB for about half a mile either side of
the Andover water plant. 3 X 402 = 1206 kHz.

Probably the most noticeable harmonics in the Boston area is if you are
listening to WLYN 1360 when driving anywhere near WRKO in Burlington. It
makes you wonder why a station on 1360 was authorized for the area with a 50
kw signal on 680.

"Bit of trivia... Until about 1960 the Instrument Landing System outer
marker beacon at Hanscom was on 512 kHz, second harmonic (1024) could be
heard over WBZ withing about a mile of the station, CW call sign was BED.


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