Boston downtown radio towers (1956)

Jim Hall
Mon Oct 1 10:49:06 EDT 2012

If I remember my correctly, I believe the KTLK/KTNQ site was there first, and the warehouse was built around it with the towers in wells.

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 >After seeing this picture I have a vague recall of these towers, but I have >no clue who they transmitted. Anybody have a clue? > 

 In my experience (WLLH, Lawrence and some time back WLLH in Lowell, and WALE-AM 1400 in Fall River) and through  photos on Scott's tower calendars, few if any AMs ran directional arrays atop office buildings. I lived in the  Seattle area when I was in the USAF (the US never lost a war during my period of active-duty) and KXA-AM 770  there also had a wire suspended between two towers just like the ones pictured in this post. It appears that  KTLK-AM 1150 in Los Angeles has multiple towers for a directional array atop what looks like a warehouse  building if I type the coordinates in Google or Bing maps and click on satellite or birdseye view.

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