"It's the programming, stupid."

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Sat May 19 08:12:13 EDT 2012

On  May 19, 2012 12:11:51 AM  A Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com>  
I must say, my car radio has five slots for AM station settings, and I  
only have two set for local stations, WJIB and WBZ.  The other three  
are for stations in western Massachusetts, although I've been visiting  
there less frequently than I used to.  There just aren't any other  
local AM stations that I want to listen to regularly.

I'm just the opposite. I purchased a new car in Aug.2010 and to this  
date the FM presets are exactly as they were from the factory. I NEVER  
listen to Boston FM. The car has satellite radio which I listen to all  
the time. The factory radio has bluetooth so I often have my iPhone  
set to Tunein. I do listen to AM for some talk programs on WRKO(Jen  
Brien, a little Savage and occasionally Howie Carr) and WBZ(Dan Rea).  
I love the Spanish music on 1430. Via bluetooth I listen to WASR from  
9-noon for Laura Ingraham (I wish WRKO would bring back her full three  
hours in the morning slot) and for oldies I like the Hy Lit station ,  
RichBro Radio, and WARE.  For standards, it's WIZZ. BTW, I recently  
bought a somewhat higher-end home stereo system and the salesman asked  
what I wanted for a "tuner." I said  none - I wouldn't be listening  
Boston FM  ever(I bought a server instead so I can listen to internet  
radio on the home system).

David Wilson dav2149@comcast.net

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