WBZ should hang it's head in shame

D. A. donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Thu May 31 21:25:40 EDT 2012

> Most of us have very fond feelings
> for WBZ but it is 2012 not 1985.  While almost all the other CBS Radio
> owned and programmed news outlets have moved along with the
> times WBZ is stagnant in the past to its detriment and that
> is sad. 

Again, please get specific. 

WCBS News88 doesn't sound too much different than it did back then....and as Gary pointed out WINS still has an ancient teletype sound and trumpet theme.  This is in the most competitive 

> Christening loaded with both men and women in the 20 to 35
> year age group. Since at the time it was a hot topic I asked
> around if anyone listened to WBZ all news radio.  The
> answerers ranged from I didn’t know there was an all news
> station......

Ask them about ANY station on the AM dial.

Plenty of 20-35's don't value news...or if they do, they just want headlines in a much broader format.  All news has ALWAYS been an upper-demo format  (not one that's grabbing all the 20-35 year olds).

> If WBZ continues to keep
> their head in the sand it will be at their own peril, even
> if they were to move the current product to FM it may be too
> late for the long run.

I said this in a previous post.  There is a lot of "WBZ-hate" going around on the internet.  For all I know, it's 2 or 3 people over and over again.

Not sure what specific things you are talking about....as your post is just generic piling on.

WBZ is still one of the great AM stations in all of New England...and one of the few reasons to flip to AM.  Bot sure what your problem is with it.


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