Tom Finneran to leave WRKO

Kevin Vahey
Wed May 30 14:06:45 EDT 2012

Howie on WGAN this morning ( May 30,2012 )

He said AM radio is dead - I want to go to FM but keep my syndication and I
don't want mornings.

On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 1:48 PM, Bob Nelson <> wrote:

> The Herald wonders if Kim Carrigan could be Todd Feinburg's new partner
> for the WRKO morning show (she has done some fill ins) and also reveals the
> station--tied at 24th in the 25-54s last month--has an option to renew
>  Howie Carr's contract for two years. I have heard Howie mention this on
> air ("I hope they don't pick up my
>  contract"). He's quoted as saying he hopes he can escape AM radio.
>  Also Carr was to be on WGAN's morning show today (I didn't hear it) to
> discuss such things as "his future at
>  WRKO Boston" according to WGAN's facebook.
>  Howie's network indeed has local morning shows on all its affiliates.
> You're right about how important morning shows are. Live is important
> too--so, what impact would Howie's show have if it were _delayed_ on the
>  various stations to its current 3 pm airing? ("We'd like to carry you
> live, Howie, but we have our own
>  morning thing...")
>  If he did escape to Clear Channel (let's say at his current slot) one
> could imagine WGIR, WHJJ, or WTAG
>  picking up the show (currently I believe those stations have
> Hannity--first two--and Jordan Levy, last one--in that slot.. and the other
> previous stations like WGAN and WVMT could continue to run him.
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> Subject: Tom Finneran to leave WRKO
>  Speculation that Howie Carr would want to do mornings at this time does
> not fit with his commitment to his affiliates to maintain the show at all
> costs. Local morning shows are very important parts of stations like WGAN,
> WXTK, WVMT and WHYN therefore I do not see it happening.

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