Tom Finneran to leave WRKO

Bob Nelson
Wed May 30 13:48:11 EDT 2012

The Herald wonders if Kim Carrigan could be Todd Feinburg's new partner for the WRKO morning show (she has done some fill ins) and also reveals the station--tied at 24th in the 25-54s last month--has an option to renew
 Howie Carr's contract for two years. I have heard Howie mention this on air ("I hope they don't pick up my
 contract"). He's quoted as saying he hopes he can escape AM radio.

 Also Carr was to be on WGAN's morning show today (I didn't hear it) to discuss such things as "his future at
 WRKO Boston" according to WGAN's facebook.

 Howie's network indeed has local morning shows on all its affiliates. You're right about how important morning shows are. Live is important too--so, what impact would Howie's show have if it were _delayed_ on the
 various stations to its current 3 pm airing? ("We'd like to carry you live, Howie, but we have our own
 morning thing...")
 If he did escape to Clear Channel (let's say at his current slot) one could imagine WGIR, WHJJ, or WTAG
 picking up the show (currently I believe those stations have Hannity--first two--and Jordan Levy, last one--in that slot.. and the other previous stations like WGAN and WVMT could continue to run him.

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 Speculation that Howie Carr would want to do mornings at this time does not fit with his commitment to his affiliates to maintain the show at all costs. Local morning shows are very important parts of stations like WGAN, WXTK, WVMT and WHYN therefore I do not see it happening.

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