A 'hunch' on 101.7

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sun May 27 14:58:53 EDT 2012

That could be the case--Carr to anchor the Boston talk station, and FM
being one demand he has. That and not losing the flagship station (and
other stations) to
Celtics or Red Sox pregame shows, etc. when one game gets bumped. WRKO's
weakness at night (WCRN helps, unless they leave to go to Sox
pregame...) and so on.

I don't know how he'd do salary wise and the way things are going
maybe he shouldn't expect much--perhaps he'd even stay if the other
offers didn't give him what he wants.
If he wants an FM home, Greater (despite one denial a few years back
by one exec)
could give him that with WTKK. Eagan and Braude or Graham could be moved around
if needed. (Howie has hinted he'd like to maybe move to Florida and do his show
from there, as Rush does with "the Southern Command".) His displeasure at his
signal not reaching his home in Wellesley doesn't matter to him as
much as not being able to reach his listeners...and clean up in
advertising, sponsorship deals (how's
your Caddy from Olsen Cadillac, Howie?)

Agreed about how he's unknown in terms of a morning drive show and maybe they're
playing a hunch.

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