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A. Joseph Ross
Thu May 24 15:41:34 EDT 2012

On 5/24/2012 3:38 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> So he feels he owns the call letters WFNX. Am I correct in assuming that should CC change the calls and
>   someone else requested them they could be released to that broadcaster with FCC permission? Or does
>   Mindich have a friend who will take the WFNX calls and "park them" for future use? I thought Mindich
>   was, as Jerry Williams used to say, getting out of the (radio) business?
>   Right up there with Radio Free Vermont, the pirate who said they could legally broadcast on 96.5 in Rutland because the signal didn't cross state lines and thus the FCC, which is federal, couldn't touch them...and
>   the pirate (in Lawrence I think) who put out 99 watts of power and said they weren't breaking the law, as there was some kind of minimum power of 100 w. Hey, he puts out 99 w so he's legal...right?

Then there are the people who say that the government can't legally 
force them to pay income taxes because Ohio was never validly admitted 
as a state, and therefore the 16th Amendment was never validly ratified.

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