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Bob Nelson
Thu May 24 10:56:22 EDT 2012

 By the way there have been times when the Red Sox games got bumped to
WRKO due to Celtics playoff games. Coming back from the ad break you'd
hear Jim Cutler saying, "Red Sox baseball...93.7, WEEI-FM"
or "Red Sox baseball...WEEI!" Of course they're legal because at the
top of the hour, a legal ID for "WRKO Boston" runs, and the rest are
liners (as are any mentions of the "WEEI Red Sox Network".). It
doesn't say "WEEI-FM Lawrence-Boston" which is a legal ID.

Ratings-wise I'm thinking are there all people meters, or are there
still some diaries? It has been said the 100 per cent simulcast of 850
and 93.7 are counted as one. Here, a game airs on 680 but there are
frequent mentions of "WEEI" (yet the legal ID does say WRKO) so if it
is a write-down diary I don't know if people
would write down "WEEI" even if it's on 680.

I can also think of  a station in the Burlington VT area, WXZO 96.7
which for a time called itself "DOT-FM"...a reference to the former
WDOT in the area (1390) and they ran oldies. But that was a "service
real WDOT is on 95.7 in Danville VT. 96.7 no longer does this but,
again, it used "DOT-FM" as a brand name
despite not having the WDOT calls.

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 5:28 AM, Eli Polonsky <> wrote:
>>Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 01:52:22 -0400
>>From: A Joseph Ross <>
>>Subject: Re: Wikipedia entry for WKOX
>>I thought WBCN existed as an HD channel.
> There are two "WBCN's" on HD radio (and on the
> internet at, but neither one legally
> is "WBCN".
> Sam Kopper's "WBCN Free Form Rock" is legally
> WZLX HD3 Boston.
> "WBCN The Rock of Boston" is legally WBZ-FM
> HD2 Boston.

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