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Eli Polonsky
Thu May 24 05:28:44 EDT 2012

>Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 01:52:22 -0400
>From: A Joseph Ross <>
>Subject: Re: Wikipedia entry for WKOX
>I thought WBCN existed as an HD channel.

There are two "WBCN's" on HD radio (and on the 
internet at, but neither one legally 
is "WBCN".

Sam Kopper's "WBCN Free Form Rock" is legally
WZLX HD3 Boston.

"WBCN The Rock of Boston" is legally WBZ-FM 
HD2 Boston.

Near the tops of the hours, you will hear the 
legal ID's on both stations. At all other times
of the hours, both stations call themselves WBCN.

CBS, which owns the whole caboodle, put the actual 
WBCN call letters on an AM talk station that they 
own in North Carolina, many suspect to "park" (or 
perhaps "warehouse") them there.

Eli Polonsky

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