Auto industry wakes up....too bad Agencies and AD buyers have yet to

Chris Hall
Mon May 21 01:40:15 EDT 2012

Read a very telling article in the automotive section of Sundays Eagle Tribune. The automotive industry reports that 62% (and rising fast) of all new car
sales in the US are purchased by the 50+ demographic followed by 24% in the 35-49 along with only 13% in the 18-35 demo. They awoke to the old
adage.....when Willy Sutton was asked why do you rob banks? He replied....because that’s where the money is. Radio groups and agencies keep trying to milk the last dollars from the real dying demos those who don’t care about radio with no new future listeners to come while totally writing off as dead the discriminating demos that have the real wealth. The 50+ group still cares about radio if radio would give them at least lip service that they are important. 
I can be swayed by advertising if the product is good and presented in an intelligent manner. A good example is the recent Ad campaign for Dawn dishwashing detergent cleaning up the wildlife after an oil spill, always bought Palmolive in the past....Dawn now has a new customer.
Olsen Cadillac knows where their bread is buttered when they advertise with Howie Carr and the Adelman's. As the economy worsens they only real wealth will be in the upper demos. Time for a good hard dope slap.

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