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On 5/19/2012 2:46 AM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

> I've heard that argument for years but, regardless of the repetition,
> I'm not sure the statement is correct. Many of the ferrite-loop
> antennas that have been common in AM radios for the last 40 years or
> so are not much larger than your typical USB memory stick. An antenna
> that size would be physically just as compatible with an i-phone-style
> handheld device as are the binaural in-the-ear headphones that many
> people use with the devices to listen to stereo music. Moreover, if
> modern 3D electronic-miniaturization techniques were used to fabricate
> ferrite-loop antennas, it seems likely that the antennas could be made
> even a bit smaller while quite possibly also offering improved
> performance. I think the absence of such a development indicates that
> people in the industry are not thinking about the problem and are
> simply parroting old-wives' tales that became the conventional wisdom
> a generation or more ago. A USB-stick-sized AM antenna could quite
> possibly be successfully integrated with in-the-ear stereo headphones.
> During the last decade, consumer electronics has begotten many
> far-more-radical technological advances.

What I have trouble understanding is how you can have such a small 
antenna for signals with such relatively long wavelengths.

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