"It's the programming, stupid!"

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I am  also surprised that AM broadcasters have not done a better job 
lobbying  for their own interests.  Years ago, the NAB used to stand up 
for  small and local radio owners

It did?   I must have missed that.  The NAB wanted to  make everyone THINK 
that they were as concerned with local owners.  
It costs tons of money and especially TIME for smaller station owners to  
organize; therefore it may never happen.
But I do not think AM will die at all.   Prices for AM stations  will go 
way down in the next 10 years where local people would be able to buy  them.  
Then we'll see a variety of formats on AM... blues,   polkas,  adult 
standards,  folk, etc... along with the ever-present  programming for minorities.  
There will always be minorities and the need  to program to them.
What do you think would happen if a Boston-area AM were to go "progressive  
rock" or "album rock" . I bet it would do very well.  Or at least,  some 
folks reading this could rent 10 PM to 5 AM on some Boston area AM (would  be 
cheap rent!) and do an imaginative format.  Problem with that is, most  
stations would can your butt out of the station if the station could make  
2-cents more per hour with someone new coming along wanting to rent the same  
time. It all depends upon the contract you do with them.
I'm certain that many AM's in real small towns will either die, or will be  
used as repeaters for bigger stations in the cities in the same state... 
the  latter could happen if the FCC eliminates some or all of those public 
file  requirements.
On the bright side for AM..... I am amazed at how WJIB's and WJTO's  
audience has not dwindled at all! Additionally, young people (30-55) are finding  
them and thoroughly enjoying them.  Just in the past year, three Boston  
alternative newspapers have done articles on WJIB....  only because the  young 
readers of those papers have noticed 740 and listen.  The papers came  to 
WJIB... I did not seek any publicity from them.
AM radio will prosper (excepting smallest towns) if it has the right owners 
 with an imagination & open mind. It's the programming that will keep AM  
alive.   Unfortunately, so many AM's are still owned by Wall Street  types 
and Vulture Capitalists who have no programming imagination  whatsoever.

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