"It's the programming, stupid!"

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sat May 19 02:56:53 EDT 2012

When Jay Severin re-emerged on Talk 1200 people on facebook groups asked
"so, is that, like, on AM?" (For now at least they can hear WXKS-AM as the HD2
of WXKS-FM, if they have an HD radio. We'll see if the rumor of Talk
1200 to 101.7
comes true, or whether it's Spanish or another format)

Of course I'm reminded of how more than a few times the Globe would
list "sports on
TV, radio" and it would say the Sox game was on "WEEI-FM (850)" (sic). This was
before the 93.7 became WEEI-FM of course...FM 850! :)

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