"It's the programming, stupid!"

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Fri May 18 11:19:06 EDT 2012

It wasn't signal that hurt WEEI a year ago.....the station faced a backlash
from angry Bruins fans that the station ignored for years.

The night signal to the NW improved a decade ago when CKVL went dark as
that Montreal outlet always stayed on day pattern.

The reality is the sports fans now button push between the 2 depending on
what is being talked about.

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 11:01 AM, Sid Schweiger <sid@wrko.com> wrote:

> "Why is it that local stations always blame the signal, not the
> programming?"
> That was a great argument...40 years ago.  It's now an outmoded concept.
> By most accounts, we're now into the second generation of young listeners
> who simply do not use AM radio...at all.  As these listeners age into the
> desirable 25-54 demo, AM stations will take (and most are already taking) a
> huge hit in their audiences because those people coming into the money demo
> don't have the AM habit.  The demos for most AM stations skew toward
> 55+...not what most advertisers want.
> "WEEI dominated the sports audience for years (over WAMG and WWZN), but as
> soon as WBZ-FM comes on, suddenly "it's the signal" and they have to
> simulcast on 93.7 FM. It couldn't possibly be that people were looking for
> a change and something new, it must be the signal."
> It *was* the signal.  With the addition of 93.7, WEEI has regained most of
> the audience it has lost to WBZ-FM.
> "I remember when Jerry Williams had a 50 share (yes, five zero) on the
> peanut-whistle 5000 watts--jammed in between two powerhouses--WMEX. If the
> programming is compelling, people will listen through the static and fades."
> Jerry Williams on WMEX had little or no competition, in an era in which AM
> was still "king" and FM's were struggling to find their niche.  Between the
> increased number of signals in the market and all the other media competing
> for audience attention, no one will have a 50 share ever again.
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