Anybody know the breakdown between 93.7 and 850?

Thu May 17 16:43:03 EDT 2012

I can't imagine that happening, but if it should happen, liberal-talk
listeners here might get a chance to hear other hosts besides the
execrable Jeff Santos (currently on WWZN for what seem like 87 hours a
day). Time absolutely doesn't fly when you're listening to Santos and
if you're listening to WWZN, the likelihood is that Santos is on.
Santos deserves a lot of credit for his skills as an entrepreneur and
an impressario. It was no small feat to line up financial backing for
his leased-time arrangement with WWZN. But he deserves no credit at
all for his non-existent skills as a talk-show host. There ARE some
good liberal talk hosts--Peter B Collins is just one of them. Maybe
Santos's reason for not letting them on "his" station is that he
doesn't want people to compare him to good hosts--or even to mediocre
ones. (I'm aware that, in addition to Santos, WWZN carries Stephanie
Miller, Thom Hartmann, and Norman Goldman, but all are on delay and
the schedule is highly problematic, mostly due to sports pre-emptions;
WWZN carries the Sox en Espanol as well as some college sports.) Oddly
enough, CCU's Premiere Networks (obviously not a liberal company)
syndicates Randy Rhodes, who, though no favorite of mine, is orders of
magnitude better than Santos.

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> Just curious if anyone has seen recent figures to indicate how much
> of
> WEEI's audience has moved to FM.
> I can not see the simulcast continuing much longer and I wonder what
> options could be in play for 850.
> Perhaps doing on 850 what that have done with WWKB in Buffalo -
> liberal
> talk.
> or perhaps finally just airing ESPN Radio fulltime.
> or rolling the dice and airing ESPN Deportes
> Of course lurking in all of this is what CC does with 101.7.  I
> could see
> 1200 going Spanish and then perhaps 1430 going Spanish sports.

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