RIP Carl Beane

Laurence Glavin
Thu May 10 12:37:59 EDT 2012

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 On 5/9/2012 4:21 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote: > It has been confirmed that Carl Beane the Fenway PA announcer was killed in > a car crash this afternoon. He was 60. > >When Carl was still early in his career, he worked at WHAI out in the >Greenfield area, and I was his consultant. What a shame that he died so >young. 

 WBZ-TV did a fairly lengthy story for an 11:00 pm newscast Wednesday night. The first half of course covered details
 of his death, then reporter Beth Germano talked about his place in the Red Sox "family". Toward the end, she
 said that Carl always put out his best effort because there were always first-time visitors to Fenway Park, and he
 was always aware that he was following in the footsteps of the "infamous" Sherm Feller. I wasn't sure I heard right,
 so I viewed the story again at, and sure enough she said "infamous". I didn't think "Francesca"
 was that bad!

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