RIP Carl Beane

Donna Halper
Thu May 10 12:48:45 EDT 2012

Lawrence wrote--
> WBZ-TV did a fairly lengthy story for an 11:00 pm newscast Wednesday 
> night.   The first half of course covered details
> of his death, then reporter Beth Germano talked about his place in the 
> Red Sox "family".   Toward the end, she
> said that Carl always put out his best effort because there were 
> always first-time visitors to Fenway Park, and he
> was always aware that he was following in the footsteps of the 
> "infamous" Sherm Feller.  I wasn't sure I heard right,
> so I viewed the story again at, and sure enough she said 
> "infamous".   I didn't think "Francesca"
> was that bad!

Yeah, I heard that too.  I thought she (as politicians say) 
"mis-spoke."  She should have said Legendary.  Sherm was anything but 
infamous, rest his soul.

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