Radio stations on the Hancock Tower...?

Bob Nelson
Tue Mar 20 11:37:49 EDT 2012

The recent blackout in Boston led to backup transmitters being used
for several stations whose towers were on the
Prudential Building and it led me to thinking: what about the Hancock
Tower? Do any stations broadcast from
that skyscraper now, or did they in the past? I had thought at least
one did, and confirmed it, in its
page about WZLX

>>In 1980, the FM transmitter was moved to the Hancock Tower in downtown Boston. It didn't stay there for long, however: the transmitter burned up in 1982, and the Hancock people decided that they really didn't want broadcasters on their building if the equipment was going to do that

I don't know if any other stations have broadcast from antennae on
Hancock Tower, or if any do now.

I know the CN Tower in Toronto was built to solve reception problems
of TV and radio as higher buildings went up in that city.

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