Alex Langer grabs WFNX call sign

Kevin Vahey
Mon Jul 30 20:17:41 EDT 2012

Speaking of WMEX is that CP on the Vineyard a dead issue as that is where
the calls live today.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 7:05 PM, A. Joseph Ross <>wrote:

> On 7/30/2012 6:24 PM, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>  Do calls that may have native or local value necessarily mean anything
>> elsewhere out of market, particularly given the operational trend away from
>> calls in the image package of radio stations?  Didn't someone try to pull
>> some value out of market from the WMEX calls at one point?
> I remember that, and I don't know what they were thinking, unless they
> were cooperating with someone who wanted to warehouse the calls.  But there
> may be some calls that might be useful outside their current local area
> because of what the calls could stand for elsewhere.  For example, Ted
> Turner's paying WTBS at MIT to change their call letters so that he could
> apply for them for his Atlanta TV station.  Another example might be if for
> some reason NBC were to decide to put the WNBC calls on a different station
> other than their New York TV station.
> Or when WORL in Boston changed to WRYT, and the WORL calls were picked up
> by a station in Orlando.
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