Alex Langer grabs WFNX call sign

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Jul 30 19:05:52 EDT 2012

On 7/30/2012 6:24 PM, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Do calls that may have native or local value necessarily mean anything 
> elsewhere out of market, particularly given the operational trend away 
> from calls in the image package of radio stations?  Didn't someone try 
> to pull some value out of market from the WMEX calls at one point?

I remember that, and I don't know what they were thinking, unless they 
were cooperating with someone who wanted to warehouse the calls.  But 
there may be some calls that might be useful outside their current local 
area because of what the calls could stand for elsewhere.  For example, 
Ted Turner's paying WTBS at MIT to change their call letters so that he 
could apply for them for his Atlanta TV station.  Another example might 
be if for some reason NBC were to decide to put the WNBC calls on a 
different station other than their New York TV station.

Or when WORL in Boston changed to WRYT, and the WORL calls were picked 
up by a station in Orlando.

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