Alex Langer grabs WFNX call sign

Kevin Vahey
Mon Jul 30 13:11:53 EDT 2012

Alex could be doing Mindich a favor and just parking them so nobody else
can bring WFNX back.

I don't think he will change WSRO's call as they use it in their logo.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Dan.Strassberg <>wrote:

> Last I knew, Alex had two unbuilt AM CPs, one in Minnesota probably a
> little
> too far from the twin cities to deliver a competitive signal there and the
> other in north Georgia almost certainly too far from Atlanta to deliver a
> competitve signal there. (N Georgia's soil conductivity is as bad as New
> England's.) I'm not sure of the status of those CPs. If they haven't been
> tolled, one or both may have lapsed. He also has a station in suburban
> Philadelphia (WFYL 1180, a daytimer, which, last I knew, was running
> right-wing talk). I believe there is a WPNX in Phoenixville PA, close to
> WFYL. Closer to home, Langer just bought WMSX 1410 in Brockton. Ya think
> Mindich would care enough to spend big $$$ fighting with a Brockton AM that
> is likely to become a brokered-time station, over use of the former calls
> of
> his Lynn-Boston Class A FM? I think Langer gets to have some fun with and
> make a small amount of money from selling the WFNX calls to a station a
> long
> way from New England.
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>> Langer Broadcasting grabbed WFNX this morning,
>> Why?  ( and where will he put them? )

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