Alex Langer grabs WFNX call sign

Mon Jul 30 13:02:04 EDT 2012

Last I knew, Alex had two unbuilt AM CPs, one in Minnesota probably a little
too far from the twin cities to deliver a competitive signal there and the
other in north Georgia almost certainly too far from Atlanta to deliver a
competitve signal there. (N Georgia's soil conductivity is as bad as New
England's.) I'm not sure of the status of those CPs. If they haven't been
tolled, one or both may have lapsed. He also has a station in suburban
Philadelphia (WFYL 1180, a daytimer, which, last I knew, was running
right-wing talk). I believe there is a WPNX in Phoenixville PA, close to
WFYL. Closer to home, Langer just bought WMSX 1410 in Brockton. Ya think
Mindich would care enough to spend big $$$ fighting with a Brockton AM that
is likely to become a brokered-time station, over use of the former calls of
his Lynn-Boston Class A FM? I think Langer gets to have some fun with and
make a small amount of money from selling the WFNX calls to a station a long
way from New England.

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> Langer Broadcasting grabbed WFNX this morning,
> Why?  ( and where will he put them? )

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