Jess Santos Departs; WWZN "The Zone" Returns

Fri Jul 27 14:08:10 EDT 2012

But whether or not Donna likes to admit it, Dial Global has paid and I
believe is still paying to have some of its programs air in certain markets.
New York is, of course, the largest of these--but I don't think the only
one. And there is no shame in paying to have a program aired in a large
market. I believe that whoever syndicates Hannity is paying or has, at one
time or other, paid to have his program aired in New York.

If D-G and the owners of WWZN get together and bring the Progressive talk
lineup back to Boston, as I have already predicted, D-G will be paying WWZN.
D-G probably won't admit it and the WWZN management won't confirm it, but it
will be happening.

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> the reason Dial Global pulled out was the shaky finances and the fact that
> the talk shows were all expected to buy the time.  Nationally known hosts
> like Schultz, Miller and Hartman generally don't have to lease-time like a
> local specialty show does (many of the Zone's former programs were
> leased-time... a real estate guy who wanted to do a show, a show about
> cigars, etc).

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