Progressive talk gone from WWZN?

Linc Reed-Nickerson
Wed Jul 25 17:03:45 EDT 2012

In small markets like mine, Burns and Lakeview, Oregon, Dial Global is 
straight barter, in cities like Boston I believe you have income from 
the network.  With a station like WWZN it's probably not much, so 
perhaps management is in a dispute about how much they are being 

I program my own Classic Rock FM's, with Tesh, Delilah and Donnie, plus 
a local morning show, I use Music Master sine for all but Delilah I 
progarm the music.

My AM is Country.  We were Dial Global's True Country until June 1st.  I 
had renewed for 36 months when I got a FedEx letter saying they were 
dropping the format, so I went with Cumulus' "Real Country."  I have to 
say DG did me a favor, Real is much better for my market!


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