Spot on article from the WCVB Website about "the harbor"

Garrett Wollman
Thu Jul 26 23:05:40 EDT 2012

<<On Thu, 26 Jul 2012 03:17:58 -0400, Bob Nelson <> said:

> I heard Echo and the Bunnymen The Killing Moon on 92.5 (as 101.7 was
> playing boring, predictable stuff) and said to myself, time to steer
> my boat out of the Harbor and into The River.

A decent option on the North Shore, but 25 kW from Haverhill doesn't
really do much for people close to the Pru.  I often listen on my way
in to work in the morning, and have to switch to satellite as I'm
coming towards exit 18.  They also have this annoying habit of
scheduling their stop sets at exactly the times I'm getting in the car
and looking for some entertainment, which pretty much ensures that I
don't get much actual listening in.

Their playlist is also fairly conventional, but it's a different
format from both the old WFNX and the new WHBA.  I'm also a bit
irritated at their stagers that talk about "no corporate overlords",
etc., when I know full well that their corporate overlord is an
attorney whose offices are located at 288 South River Road in Bedford,
N.H., and who is famous for his "hands on" management (at least when
it comes to the station of his that he can get at his office).


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