Progressive talk gone from WWZN?

Bob DeMattia
Wed Jul 25 15:10:46 EDT 2012

> ... Right-wing talk-show hosts constantly promoted the idea that left-wing
> talk isn't as entertaining as its
right-wing counterpart, even though hosts such as G. Gordon Liddy, Bill
> Bennett, and Mark Levin
among others rivalled Ambien(tm) ...

I don't think I've ever heard that argument.  What I've heard them say
(gloat would be a better word) is that left-wing
radio hosts have never been able to create an economically viable product.
 This is a bit hyperbolic.  More accurately,
left-wing hosts have had a more difficult time and the success has been
more limited.  Measured by the class of
stations that carry them, radio hosts like Ed Schultz or Randi Rhodes seem
to be as successful as the second or
third tier right-wingers you mentioned.  However,  there appears to be no
left-wing  equivalent to Rush or Hannity.

Opinions about why this is the case are varied.  I personally like the
argument that most potential left-leaning
listeners are quite happy with public radio stations.  They don't need to
endure commercials to get what they
want to listen to.


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