Kevin Vahey
Wed Jul 18 21:34:05 EDT 2012

Last November on NBC Nightly News

On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 8:45 PM, Donna Halper <> wrote:

> So, this is a TV story, but may bring back some radio memories too.  I was
> watching the local evening news on Channel 4 and suddenly there was a big
> thunderstorm with lightning, as Todd Guttner was doing the weather.  All at
> once, the studio went black-- just the weather map stayed lit, for some
> reason.  Todd, to his credit, kept doing the weather in the dark until the
> auxiliary transmitter kicked in.  I was impressed with his
> professionalism-- it has to be disconcerting when that happens.  I recall
> Hurricane Carol when the WBZ-TV tower fell but the station was only off the
> air for a few minutes, I am told.  Anyway, wondered if anyone else has had
> to perform while chaos reigned all around.  When I was on the air in
> Washington DC at WAVA, we moved to new studios, and they were not quite
> ready for prime time yet-- I had to do my radio show in between workers
> drilling, hammering, and making a giant racket-- I signaled them when I was
> about to open the mike, and then they went quiet temporarily... except for
> one time when they didn't.... don't ask.

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