Bos Phoenix: Jazz Death at WGBH

Bob Nelson
Sun Jul 15 08:05:10 EDT 2012

The Phoenix notes the recent "jazz funeral" event at the WGBH studios,
lamenting the paring down of jazz at the station.
It's mentioned how radio, even public radio, is a business or should
be run like one and that GBH feels that they want to appeal to younger
listeners who want to donate more money than the jazz fans. (One
general manager of a "struggling jazz station" mentions in comments
that stations can't stay on without support. In other words while it's
sad to lose jazz programming, they're doing it for a reason.
Apparently a second protest event is planned for July 27 but I don't
know if that will make a difference.)

I did point out that despite certain folks liking various formats,
business decisions are made, thus disappointing jazz (and in
the past folk, blues, classical) fans who like WGBH, classic hits fans
who liked WODS, and WFNX listeners (they do mention
the upcoming transfer to Clear Channel "but that's another
story"..indeed Mindich sold the station to Clear Channel of his own
will and if Rush Limbaugh soon appears on 101.7, or whatever, it was
the Phoenix's decision to sell to them..)

For now jazz fans have alternatives like other college stations (WHRB,
WMWM, etc.), sat. or HD radio, etc but the powerful
WGBH signal and the commitment to the community they had is gone or at
least greatly lessened. It's sad. But it's business...

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